The Nation on Blogs

Amidst the current political situation, The Nation has an unexpected article on “weblogs.” It would have been more of a story had there been another source in addition to Derek Brown, a Microsoft marketing director, but I guess all the reporters must busy as bees on the political beat.

Another angle to the story might be that Mr. Brown also gave a similar talk at Blogcon Thailand 2006, billed as Thailand’s first blogger meeting. [It may actually be the second such meeting if you count pinporamet’s previous, informal get-together.] Although the meeting covered quite a wide ranging agenda, blogs and politics were only mentioned peripherally – like protest photos via with this request for information on the ‘blog use in Thailands current political crisis’ [help them out if you can].

Another interesting site is Global Voices Online a project that tries to aggregate what bloggers are saying around the world into one place. The editors unfortunately cannot read Thai, so sites discussed are only in English. Nevertheless, you may find the latest post on the current Thai political crisis quite a comprehensive collection of viewpoints.

Random Links:
– The Post’s Don Sambandaraksa has a story on here.
– Bloggers Beware? The mainstream media (at least in Singapore) are fighting back although not too successfully.
– You may have noticed that since the Nation’s website underwent a revamp, there’s been a button titled “Web Blog” on their menu, but currently without a link. I’ve always found this a bit amusing. May be each of you can suggest a candidate for the Nation’s resident blogger… 🙂


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