Bookish-mark: ‘Fun’ at the Royal Institute

The Thai Royal Institute has a surprisingly fun website – at least if you call etymology an engaging pursuit. Some highlights from my poking around:

  • The term “โป๊” doesn’t exactly mean “naked” after all. The Thai language ‘trivia’ section is good diversion.
  • A review of a book on Thai-Lao relations from the Lao perspective among other things, made a passing mention of the “Nicole Incident”. I had to stretch my memory, but about 5 years ago (when she was at the height of her fame), I think Thai pop idol Nicole Theriault let slip something about Lao women being ‘unclean’ on a TV show, causing massive protests in Laos. A bit of a precursor to the Kob Suwanan incident in Cambodia.

    I’d love to get hold of the book, which devotes a whole chapter to the “Nicole Incident” and seems to have a lot more to say on how Thailand’s being view across the borders.


2 responses to “Bookish-mark: ‘Fun’ at the Royal Institute

  1. Naphat

    Sorry to go off topic like this, but you mentioned Ajarn Nidhi in a comment on my blog so as punishment for bringing his name up – here is a paper of his available for free, it is entitled “Understanding the Situation in the South as a ‘Millenarian Revolt’”.

  2. JW, no problem – I think for deserve the “revenge” for quoting Ajarn Nidhi the comments sections of various blogs. 🙂 I’ve just been reading a lot of his books/articles, so he’s the first thing that comes to mind.

    Thanks for the link… I think I browse through the Thai version in the Midnight University site a while back.

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