As reported by Khun Chutimas of chut|bloc, Prawes Wasi has recently come out to call for a government of national unity (รัฐบาลแห่งชาติ) of sorts. He observes that when the PPP gets the majority and forms a government, people are unhappy and protest; and even if the Democrats are in power, pro-PPP people will protest too. The way out of confrontation, when it’s gets more escalated, is for all parties to form a national government.

Who is to head it? Prawes is silent on that, but Matichon (via chut|bloc) speculates that a neutral statesman (in the mould of Anand Panyarachun, who incidentally went on record as saying Parliament had failed to function properly) would have to head it.

Sigh… with everything these days, there’s a sense of deja vu. I hope they still remember that even under this constitution, the PM still has to be elected. Article 7, anyone? Khun Chutima has a funny guide to (royal?) artificial rain-making.

Nothing surprising about this though, pressure has been on the PPP since it was clear that they will form a government. Its two coalition partners are under threat of dissolution from the courts, and Chart Thai seems to be losing its nerve to be part of the PPP government. Thai-style check and balances?

Update: Bangkok Pundit asks if the eel is jumping ship…


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