Twittering Thailand’s Crisis

I’ve been (belatedly) catching up on news since this new round of Red protests started to make headlines in the international press. Having been away for so long, and I’m pretty surprised how much Thai political discussion on the internet has moved on to Twitter. Quite a few bloggers are tweeting, and you get points of views from people who are not into long-form blogging. With people retweeting constantly, you get a very broad set of news and opinions.

I’m following:

@bangkokpundit: BP doing his usual great job of covering Thai political news.

@fringer: I haven’t seen Fringer blog directly on the political situation for a while , but she has been tweeting away.

@chaturon: Chaturon Chaisaeng, the banned TRT pol and former student leader.

@veenarat: Roon pi and Nation Channel journalist.

@karmanomad: Nirmal Ghosh, Strait Times’s Bangkok correspondent.


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